Amy Howard Paint Retailers Near You

Amy Howard Paint Retailers Near You

How To Paint Furniture With One Step Paint

Amy Howard Paint RetailersAmy Howard at Home manufactures paint that can be used in one step. I used this product for my painted door project. In this post, I will focus on the particular product that I used. We have been preparing for the big introduction of Amy Howard at Home One Step Chalk-Based Paint to our paint studios.

Amy Howard paint can be used for a variety of projects – I have personally painted wood furniture, our coat closet door and bathroom vanity using the paint. All three projects yielded great results that left me extremely pleased. The One Step Paint is easy to use and only requires one step to create an antique look without having to strip, sand or prime beforehand.

I have used Amy Howard paint multiple times for various DIY projects and I can attest to the fact that it is high quality, extremely durable, and comes in a great selection of colors. I was interested in learning more after researching, and Ace announced they landed an exclusive partnership with Amy Howard. I met her in Memphis, Tennessee and got to use almost her entire product line at her workshop for two days.

Over time, Amy Howard patented the paints and finishes she created, as well as the process used to make them. She then slowly built a network of hundreds of retailers across the country to sell her products. Now, thanks to a deal with Ace Hardware Stores, Howard is set to exponentially grow her Amy Howard at Home collection of paints and finishes; a partnership that allowed her to grow her business while staying true to her beliefs.

On this week’s Finish Friday, Amy will show you the steps to paint and transform your furniture with One Step Paint!


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