Where to Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online

Where to Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online

This is the paint that has taken the craft world by storm. Annie Sloan’s original Chalk Paint is an amazingly non-toxic, low VOC, easy-to-apply paint that is suited to just about any surface imaginable. It dries in about 15 minutes, and can be blended with an incredible array of colored Chalk Paints for a customized look.

Whether you wish to use it to refurbish or restore old wood cabinets, desks, bureaus, or chairs, you can count on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to help you get the job done with no sanding or prepping required. You simply open the can of paint and start creating a new furnishing.

It can turn any object made of wood, wicker, plastic, brick and more into a work of art. You can let one application of the paint dry and begin distressing the furnishing or other surface within an hour. It never peels like latex and, if you change your mind or make a mistake, you can remove the paint so easily, it is almost miraculous.

While this brand of Chalk Paint is mostly used to create classic, but distressed furnishings, it is also possible to use it to create a smooth, modern finish to a piece of furniture. It can be layered to create a thick, crackled appearance. It can be thinned out to create a whitewash effect.

You can use any shade of her paint on anything. Decorate cabinets, planters, side tables, desks, chairs, frames and mirrors. Buy her accessories or fabrics and enhance the look of your latest project.

If you are like a lot of crafters, you want to go right ahead and buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online. There is just one problem. It is not as easy to find online as one would expect for such a popular “girly” paint. Of course, men like using it, too, but it seems to have cornered the female craft market.

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online

If you can, you could opt to see if there is an authorized dealer of the paints in your area. Look for antique sellers or craft shops. If they are authorized to sell the paint, you might be able to buy the paints you want from their individual website if they have one.

Otherwise, you could purchase paints and all other accessories and books from Annie Sloan’s official website. However, in order to do this, you must order from the UK only. It can seem difficult to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online, but if you are lucky you might find paints for sale on eBay. Ideally, you want to be sure to purchase only from authorized retailers.

You can find these retailers by searching online or by searching through Annie Sloan’s official site where all these professional resellers are listed by area.

These retailers can do more than just sell you the paint online. They can offer advice, suggestions and some of them offer workshops near you so that you can learn as many new techniques as possible to get the most out of this incredible paint.

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