Uses For Hobby Lobby Chalk Paint

Uses For Hobby Lobby Chalk Paint

Hobby Lobby Chalk Paint makes it easy to create a vintage-inspired finish on any piece of furniture or decorative accessory. This paint, which can be used to create a variety of different looks, dries quickly and is easy to use, making it simple for anyone to master.

Even if you are new to DIY projects, you should be able to find success using this paint. The key, however, lies in choosing the right project to get started with. Some types of furniture and accessories look better than others when painted with chalk paint, so it is important to put some careful thought into choosing your first project. Below you will find a list of uses for chalk paint that may help spark some creative ideas of your own:

Wall-Mounted Mirrors

Painting ornately framed mirrors with chalk paint can give them an old-world look that is full of character and charm. Try heading to your local thrift store to see what mirrors they have in stock. Look for one with a substantial frame. The frame can be smooth or ornate, depending on your personal preference. When you get the mirror home, follow the instruction on the paint to create a unique vintage look.

Dressers And Chests Of Drawers

Dressers are also ideal candidates for chalk paint. They work particularly well in country or cottage style decor, adding character to an otherwise boring space. Again, you can choose dressers that either feature ornate woodwork or that have clean lines, depending on the look you are going for. You may need to remove the old finish before you apply the paint. Always read the instructions on the chalk paint package to get the best results.

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Uses For Hobby Lobby Chalk Paint

Candle Holders

Creating vintage looking candle holders is easy with chalk paint. Again, you can find inexpensive candle holders in all different shapes, sizes and styles at your local thrift store. Look for some unique designs that would add visual interest to your decor. Try not to get too hung up on the current finish of the candle holders since you will be painting over it. Instead, focus more on the overall shape and style, paying attention to whether or not it would look good with a distressed finish.

Porch Lights

Do you have a brass porch light that doesn’t go with the style of your home? If so, you can paint it black and cover it with a layer of chalk paint to create a vintage patina that is practically indistinguishable from real weathered metal. This can give your home a beautiful, old-world look that dramatically improves its curb appeal.

There are countless different projects that you can do with Hobby Lobby Chalk Paint. Use your creativity and imagination to see what other fun ideas you can come up with. The more you start looking, the more ways you will find to use this amazing paint to add character to your home. Whether you opt for painting small accessories or large pieces of furniture, chalk paint is a great way to instantly create a vintage look.

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