How To Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online

How To Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online

Annie Sloan was born in Australia, but her parents move to the United Kingdom where where she grew up, and graduating from University with a degree in fine arts. Early on she made her living painting murals for wealthy clients, and then went into her own paint business.

Today she has a world wide, well known brand called the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. No, the paint does not have chalk in it, but is known for its smooth, chalk-like matt when it dries.

The paint is also very easy to mix colors, which is unusual for any commercial paint, but not with Annie Sloan’s. The paint needs no primer, no sanding, but can be applied just as it is, and it turns out a very smooth, and solid looking finish. In many applications, a soft wax is brushed onto the finished product, which gives the piece a very elegant look.

Currently, there are Annie Sloan Stockists (which is what the independent outlets for the paint are called.) This is normally where people go to buy the paint, and currently there are paint stockists in the United Kingdom, North America, Africa, Asia, Latin America 7 The Caribbean, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East. That is a large swath of the world to have conquered in such a short space of time, but this is the way of the world with Annie Sloan Paint.

At the current time, you can buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online only in the Uk. Certainly it will be available all over the world online eventually, but the sheer logistics outweigh any expediency when you are thinking in terms of the immensity of such an endeavor.

The Annie Sloan company is thoroughly and 100 percent dedicated to excellent customer service, so any disruption in the flow of that service is not something that the company wants to experience. The satisfaction element with Annie Sloan products is very high, and Annie Sloan wants to keep it that way.

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How To Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online

If you live in the UK, to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Online could not be any easier. You can browse the Annie Sloan Paint Online store and make your selection of paints, brushes, accessories, and anything else that will help you to get the excellent results you wish to have and then go to the shopping cart on the website.

Once you decide on your order, and navigate to the shopping cart, you will be asked for shipping and other details, and you will be able to pick which credit card you wish to use, click the button for ordering, and your paint and accessories will be on their way to you.

This is a handy feature to be able to order online and have your paint shipped to you. Many, however will still like to gather at the different retail establishments for workshops, patterns, “in-person views” and the like. But, if you already know what it is that you specifically want, the online method is just for you and your convenience in the UK.

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