Use Annie Sloan Paint Ideas To Add Color To Your Home

Use Annie Sloan Paint Ideas To Add Color To Your Home

Does your home currently lack a bit of color? If so, why not use Annie Sloan Paint Ideas to add a pop of color to each room? You can transform an old room that is lifeless and boring into something that is much more exciting, warm and welcoming than ever before. Most importantly, you do not need to hire a professional painter to do it for you because you can do all of the painting on your own.

Before you even start trying out some of the unique and modern ideas, think of some of the colors you would like to see inside your home. You may want to add a few of your favorite colors to each area of your property. Some of the different Annie Sloan Colors available include Old White, Paris Grey, Primer Red and Antibes Green. These are just a few of the many beautiful color options you will get to choose from.

After you have selected a few different colors that you like, consider what it is that you would like to paint in your home. You can use the Annie Sloan Paint on an old dresser drawer to give it a bit more color instead of keeping it the way that it is, which may be plain. The color can also be used to enhance the appearance of the walls that are all around you. Although you can paint walls and drawers with one solid color, you can add more personality to them by using some of the neat stencils that are sold alongside the paint and brushes.

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Annie Sloan Paint Ideas

Annie Sloan provides a number of beautiful stencils that will look fancy and classy when they are added to different rooms. There are number of stencil designs, including various flowers, leaves, hand prints and branches. Why keep your walls plain when you can paint them with one color and then add a stencil all around with the use of a different color? The stencils will add even more personality to each room that you decide to start painting.

Using stencils is just one of several creative Annie Sloan Paint Ideas. However, there are plenty of other options for painting and transforming each room in your home. For example, you could apply painters tape to create diagonal lines against the wall. You could then use a smaller brush to paint in those lines for a truly colorful room.

It is possible to use the tape to create all kinds of designs, including chevron print. A little bit of creativity will go a very long way, especially when you decide to use such high-quality paint. If you are tired of coming home and looking at bare walls that simply have no color or life to them, consider buying a few cans of paint, brushes and stencils. Once you officially have everything that you need to get started, you can focus on painting as many different rooms as you want until you believe that the home looks amazing.

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