The Sense of the Annie Sloan Paint Colors 2022

The Sense of the Annie Sloan Paint Colors 2022

Annie Sloan has developed an international paint company based on her Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, a velvety smooth water based paint that can literally cover anything with no need to strip the finish, sand the wood, or cover with multiple coats. It has gained world-wide popularity and she has over 1,400 outlets, called stockists, located in several different countries.

Annie was educated as a fine arts major, and she specialized in colors and design. In fact, she is also a professional interior designer. Her goal in inventing her paint was to come up with something that anybody could use for everything. If that sounds too simplistic, it is not meant to be, but it does aptly describe how her product works.

The paint does adequately cover most surfaces without a lot of preparation or mess, and the final result is a very unique and professional looking effect.

The other area, other than the paint itself are the colors which was another of Annie’s specialties. The commercial paint that is normally used for refinishing, antiquing, and remodeling is very difficult, if not impossible to mix, as it tends to get muddy.

Annie came up with a way to not only make her special paint very mixable, but she has a color chart that shows you how. The Annie Sloan Paint Colors 2022 color chart will help the customer pick the best colors for that next project, and show how to make the colors work in alignment with the other colors in the room.

The whole idea by putting together the Annie Sloan Paint Colors 2022 color chart is to make the painting of your house or furniture to be a very enjoyable experience. The chart lays out a variety of interesting choices for you to play with in coming up with that color combination that fits your idea of what you think works the best as far as the color combinations of your effort.

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Annie Sloan Paint Colors 2022

For many people, choosing colors is a very daunting and difficult task, simply because they not trained in this aspect of decorating, and they haven’t spent any time dealing with colors to this extent. Annie has included 31 paint colors in her Chalk Paint and the paint chart lays them out in such a way that one can easily select a color and see what accompanying colors will go well with it, and along side, the contrasting colors as well.

Annie recognized the difficulty that people have in color selection and that is why the paint chart has received such acclaim. In using the chart, the project can be laid out as far as the color scheme and the individual will be able to tell in advance what will work and what won’t.

The colors on the paint chart are laid out in a similar fashion as a color wheel would be. The colors are placed side by side with the different shades, so they are easily matched and contrasted, showing both the primary colors and the complimentary colors at the same time.

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