The Advantages of The Annie Sloan Paint Color Chart

The Advantages of The Annie Sloan Paint Color Chart

Most commercial paints are designed for one particular purpose and are already pre-mixed for that reason. When Annie Sloan invented her now famous Chalk Paint, she wanted a paint that not only would cover just about any surface easily, but would also have colors that would be easy to mix.

Annie Sloan lives in Oxford, England and the little paint company that she started in 1990 has grown to a world wide concern with over 1.400 retail stores specific to her brand all over the world. She calls them stockists, and they are all hand-picked and carry her Annie Sloan Chalk Paint brand.

The paint that she has put on the market is astonishingly easy to apply to just about any surface without the usual preparation required. There is no paint stripping, no sanding, and no applications of lots of coats in order to give the paint any sturdy character.

The Annie Sloan Paint Color Chart is another great innovation that she has put together to help customers really see what the paint will do for them. Annie was a Fine Arts major at University, and she was also a professional interior designer. One of her main areas of study while in school was color, and she likes to utilize color in all that she does.

Prior to build her paint company, she painted murals in fine homes in England for commissions, and she really had to know how to mix colors. Now she has translated that talent over to her paint that she sells.

She discovered that one of the most difficult things that customers had to deal with was the color thing. Actually, not too many people are any good at mixing and matching colors, although many think that they are.

So Annie put together the Annie Sloan Paint Color Chart to help them out. The colors are not just mere representations of the colors that a printer has spewed out, but they are the actual pigments along with their matching shades, as well as the contrasting colors.

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Annie Sloan Paint Color Chart

So people can know what they are doing, there are some good instructions on how to match colors with those other colors around them. They can take the Color Chart and see how it looks up to the other objects in the room and actually see how everything works.

There are 31 colors of paint on Annie’s chart where people can chose from a large number of primary and secondary colors, along with the contrasting colors for a room. There is no sense in painting a chest, for example, and then finding out later that a different color should have been used. Now people can just compare color swatches and be done with it.

Now customers have the perfect way to see the colors and compare them not only with the matching and contrasting on the item they are working on, but it gives them the chance to include the rest of the room to, just to be sure.

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