Tips For Buying And Crafting With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dayton Ohio

Tips For Buying And Crafting With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dayton Ohio

Are you curious as to where you can get the products crafters everywhere are talking about? Do you want to start making things using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dayton Ohio, but think that this British classic is too hard to find? Not anymore. Here is the information you need for using and buying these unique and beautiful paints and much more.

How Can Chalk Be Used As A Paint?

Technically, it is not. It is a registered, brand name that British artist Annie Sloan gave to her water-based, lead-free paint. This is a completely organic, odor-free and non-toxic paint. It is non-flammable and never tested on animals. It is truly like nothing else available.

It is designed specifically for use on furnishings but it is suitable for floors, walls, concrete, wood, metal, earthenware, brick, stone and even matte plastics. You can even paint upholstery with it. It is so easy to use that you do not need to prime or sand the furniture before painting it. It is full of body and suppleness and can be mixed for unlimited color potential.

Each container of paint holds enough to cover an entire piece of furniture like a small dresser. All you do is take the container and tip it upside down. Shake it gently and then tilt it back up, open it and stir. You only need to apply one coat and you are done unless, of course, you have other ideas in mind.

You can leave the paint open overnight to get it to thicken. Use it for a thick, layered coat on your project to add texture and visual appeal. Or, add water to it and stir for a lighter coat that allows the surface beneath to peek through.

While the chalk is her signature paint, she now offers a line of wall paints, too. These are also made to be safe, non-toxic, durable, strong and completely washable. It is great for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, or other walls where her signature craft paint may not hold up well enough, although her craft paint is perfect for adding designs to these areas, too. Use her stencils or waxes for more design and richness.

What Can You Make With Annie’s Products?

Use the paint to craft anything you can imagine. Ideas and inspiration are always available at the official Sloan website. Learn how to use stencils to create a new piece of furniture from an old hand-me-down. Bring new life to an old cabinet.

Use the paints to create a landscape portrait on the face of the cabinet with your choice of these remarkable craft paints. Make your own wooden toys and paint them with these safe, bright beautiful shades.

Do not let anything, including fear, hold you back from experimenting. If you are experienced with using all kinds of paint for all kinds of craft projects, restoration jobs or furniture transformations, let your imagination go when you work with a selection of these paints. If you are new to crafting or new to painting furniture, take advantage of the tips and techniques offered at Annie’s website.

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dayton Ohio

You will learn how to make these paints bring out the grain in the wood you might be painting. Or, learn how to use Annie’s special wax and two colors to paint a distressed look that will offer more comfort and softness to a room than you might think. Learn how to paint for a smooth or chipped effect.

You can even learn how to mix the paints to create your very own shades for the most personalized effect possible. Be sure to shop at the website or at your local retailer for the stencils, waxes, finishes, special brushes, and even fabrics to make your next project even more spectacular.

You can make your own pillows using her beautifully designed fabrics. These will complement any shade of chalk paint or blend you use. Choose from toiles, stripes, patterns, dots, checks and linens.

Annie Sloan also offers her complete line of books to crafters everywhere. Be sure to buy one or more of the four available in print to learn her secrets and suggestions. She helps anyone from beginner to advanced perfect the art of color selection and blending.

When it comes to crafts and furniture, you never have to start a project feeling like an expert. Simply take your own inspirations and, with a little help from Sloan herself, get your project off to a running start.

Where To Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dayton Ohio

The biggest question is where to buy these items in Dayton. You cannot buy them from the official website, so in order to ensure you are getting the real thing, visit a local professional hired especially for selling the line of Sloan products. Each “stockiest” is handpicked to sell paints and teach customers how to use them.

You can purchase all the books that are in print there as well as the stencils, waxes, fabrics and other accessories. If you can visit a retailer locally, this is the best way to get a feel for the complete line of products.

Some of these stockists offer workshops, so be sure to check for these events with your local store owner. Or, view all workshops at all locations at the official website. However, note that all the carriers of these exquisite paint products are specially trained to offer Annie’s very own techniques for painting furniture and more. You do not have to attend a workshop to get in-person training on these specialty craft materials.

Remember, they sell more than just paint. When you visit Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dayton Ohio retailers, you can learn new techniques and tips which will allow you to return home to start your next project off like a professional.

There are several Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dayton Ohio stockists in the area. Visit the website and look for the Stockist link. Enter your zip code to get a list of the stores nearest you. Happy creating!

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