What Are The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Home Depot Carries?

What Are The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Home Depot Carries?

Chalk Paint is a versatile paint that can be used to color everything from your walls to your furniture. As it is fairly new and quickly exploding in popularity, it can be hard finding a retailer that carries it and keeps in stock. The paint comes in a wide variety of colors and not everyone carries all the colors. You might be wondering what Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Home Depot Carries. Read on to learn more about Chalk Paint and how to use it.

Chalk paint is all the rage right now and for good reason. It is easy to work with and provides a finish that no other paint can match due to the special wax finishing step. Some people are scared off by applying the wax finish but it is easy to do and gives your finished piece an amazing look. You don’t have to use the wax on the Annie Sloan wall paint, only the Chalk Paint needs to be waxed.

The great thing about Chalk Paint is that it allows you to use a huge number of techniques to create all types of custom looks for your home. If you love to decorate and you love crafting, you have to give Chalk Paint a try. You can create everything from distressed and antiqued pieces to smooth, modern finishes on furniture. While the antique look is very popular, so is creating a modern finish.

You can easily create a modern finish on any piece in a just a few steps. You will first want to choose the piece of furniture you want to transform. Once you know what that is going to be, you are going to get some medium grit sandpaper and smooth out the surface. If you see any lumps or bumps, you are going to want to make sure they are removed.

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Home Depot

Once the piece is smooth, you are going to water the paint down and brush on the paint in the direction of the grain. Once the paint is on you can use fine sandpaper to buff the surface. Applying the paint is just the first part.

The second part is using the finishing wax to give your piece a smooth and finished look. The wax gives the paint a low key shine and it brings out the colors. The look is softer and it doesn’t have that annoying high glaze that many commercial pieces have. The wax is very easy to use and it rubs in like lotion.

When it comes to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Home Depot is the place to shop. You can find Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Home Depot, but the colors aren’t always in stock. You might want to go online and see which colors are available before you go to the store to make sure the colors you want are in stock. The great thing about getting your paint at Home Depot is that the price is the best. You won’t find a lower price anywhere.

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