Transforming Furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Transforming Furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is just one of the ways you can give old furniture a new lease of life. It’s versatile, it’s easy for working with and it’s been developed for more than 20 years as a method of covering old furniture to look like a sort of lime-wash or newly painting an item in order to make it look old. The possibilities are endless using this great product for furniture restoration.

There’s a great demand for old furniture these days with the majority of people falling into two categories. Some people are strictly modern and minimalist and fill their house with contemporary furniture and décor with lots of wide open spaces and empty surfaces whilst others are more interested in filling their homes with traditional, classic furniture pieces.

If you find an interesting piece of furniture in a garage sale, pre-used shop, online or even lying around in the garbage it’s surprising how quickly and easily you will be able to transform it into an elegant piece for your home.

It’s important to check over the condition of the furniture first – you may have to replace old hinges, door handles, feet or some other part. If the piece has been well made it should be relatively easy to repair. The next stage is to paint the item to make it fit in with the rest of your furniture and the style of your home.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is incredibly versatile; you may not even have to worry about any preparation work like sanding or priming. This paint can be used on many different types of surface, outdoors and indoors too so the possibilities are endless.

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Transforming Furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

There’s a great range of colors available, you can also mix and match the colors to create your own unique shade if you want to. The paint can be made smoother by adding a drop of water or thickened up by simply leaving it uncovered without a lid for a while. The addition of extra water creates a wash rather than paint.

The paint can be applied in a variety of ways using flat brushes to create a smooth look or alternatively bristle type brushes in order to create a more interesting texture. It really is remarkably easy to create stunning results with very little talent, know-how or practice. You certainly don’t have to be an expert in furniture restoration in order to refurbish stylish pieces using this type of paint and techniques.

As well as repairing, restoring and repainting the wood in traditional furniture you may also like to refurbish the piece using fabrics. There are some surprisingly easy and effective ways to do this; anyone can achieve an outstanding finish even with the minimal amount of experience or equipment.

Furniture restoration is becoming increasingly popular and there really is little wonder. With a choice of versatile products on the market like the chalk paint by Annie Sloan it makes the job so much easier – everyone can achieve professional results with just a little know-how and practice.

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