Why Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Are Popular

Why Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Are Popular

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was developed in 1990. Sloan called it chalk paint because of its velvety finish. When combined with Sloan soft wax, the paint gives the painter good looking and long lasting results. It is an ideal paint if you are looking forward to protecting the surface being painted for a long period of time.

Sloan’s Chalk Paint is a unique decorative paint. The paint consists of 30 decorative colors that can be used to paint furniture, floors, walls and many more. The paint is known to give the surface a velvety, matt finish. It can be used to paint concrete metal, earthenware, wood and walls. The paint dries fast and will revitalize your furniture or floors in a short period of time. If you are looking for gorgeous painting results, this is the paint you must buy.

If you choose to paint furniture using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, you need waxes, crackle varnish, decoupage varnish and gliding materials. You may have to learn how to use the soft wax if you want to get the best finishes. If you are a new painter, consulting books such as and ‘Quick and Easy Paint transformations’ and ’Creating French Look’ may be necessary. These books will give you the strategies and the techniques to use to get the best results.

Anne’s chalk paints can be put to many uses. It acts as lime wash and will give your surfaces velvety, matte finish. The paint is easy to work with and does not require tedious preparations such as priming and sanding that are mandatory when using other types of paints.

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The colors are easy to mix and the results are eco-friendly since their volatile organic compounds are relatively low. The colors have no odor and user friendly. To obtain better results, you need to mix the paint by adding small quantities of water as you stir. You may make use of bristle brushes and flat brushes.

Students pursuing a course in fine art will find Annie Sloan Chalk Paint suitable for graphic design because the colors will always match. The paints come in colors that will easily raise your profile because of their exciting nature. They can be used to paint murals using a range of colors available. All one needs to do is to properly mix the paints and start working.

One of the advantages of using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that the paint will create a cohesive look if well diluted and mixed. You will love the fact that the paint work for many artists. You can easily manipulate and wash them regardless of weather you are an amateur or a pro.

If you are planning to re-purpose your furniture, the following are reasons why you should use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

  • The paint has a matte finish
  • The paint and the waxes can be manipulated
  • Brush strokes will disappear as the paint dries out
  • No need of using separate primer since you can use the furniture wax to seal the paint.
  • The paint lasts and can be used to re-purpose more than on project.

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